Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mandatory Employee Scientology Courses

Hey Execs,

We have a situation with course attendance on which your assistance as an exec is needed.

As you know the reason for staff study is to enhance the effectiveness of our employees, and as a result, the viability of our company.
From: "Cindy Wilson" <>
To: "Anthony Heald" <>, "Chris Miller" <>, "Christian Jacobsen" <>, "Erica Switzer" <>, "Geebin Flores" <>, "Jill Carey" <>, "Joe Niewierski" <>, "Joy Millford" <>, "Karla Jo Helms-Eicher" <>, "Lisa - Mailing Services Dept." <>, "Maggie Taylor" <>, "Mike Preusch" <>, "Sarah Payson" <>, "Saskia Murphy" <>, "Shannon Johnson" <>, "Vicki Benjamin" <>, "Will Thorn" <>
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Subject: Course Room Attendance!!!
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2007 14:30:03 -0400

If a course might take someone 8 hours to do, it could be done in 3-4 weeks or it could be done in a year—all depending on attendance.  When attendance isn’t pushed and encouraged from above, it just takes Way to long.

When your juniors start course you obviously need to coordinate with them on the schedule and hours as it effects the rest of your division.  Then, you really need to make sure they keep their schedule.  We all know a wide variety of things can come up, but if it isn’t something really urgent, we should be getting them to keep the schedule.

One further point is that we are licensed to be able to deliver these courses to staff (in-house), but that license requires that we have a qualified supervisor AND that the courses be delivered standardly.  Part of “standard” is that students come as scheduled, not just whenever.  Two hours a week, until they are through the first two basic courses are what we would like to see as the general rule.  If three can be afforded, great, but barring real emergencies, it should be at least two hours a week. 

 We do need exec help to see that whatever is agreed upon is adhered to.  Please coordinate with them in the beginning as to what schedule of how many hours, and then see that they do it.

Your help on this is appreciated!

Ralph and Cindy

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