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Stop smoking or you are fired

From: Irving Paiewonsky <>
Sent: 10/11/2007 3:51:30 PM
To: Jennifer Custer <>
Subject: Michelle

This comm is to you as VP Sales HFA , Michelle's direct senior . We all appreciate her value on the thid dynamic here . This matter deals with the second dynamic . She is continuing to smoke despite knowing it can be harmful to the fetus ( I am saying she knows this based on an earlier comm. SHE  had originated , in which she told me she had cut down ) . I thought that you ,  being the OL that you are , being her senior ( AND also a woman and a mother ) would be the ideal terminal . Obviously I have concern for prenatal life , but in addition , if SHE feels she's commiting continual pt overts , then that's no good :  for her , for PCM, et al .    What do you think ?  

ML , Irving

Help Explain Scientology to Postcardmania employee

From: "Carly Switzer" <>
To: "Irving Paiewonsky" <>
Subject: I need your help
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2008 14:37:10 -0500

Hi Irving,

First off, I really want to say  how much of a JOY you were in the course room today. You really helped me understand and I am jealous of your knowledge! I can't wait for next Wednesday so I can learn more about communication, and more about you as well!

With that said, I need your help with something.

As you probably know I have a boyfriend, his name is Chris, and he does not believe in scientology AT ALL. This is a struggle for me because it's apart of my everyday life, and I LOVE the concept of bettering your mind, and I have future plans in taking further scientology courses. But I can't say the same for Chris. Chris just recently was shown the works of scientology through me and PostcardMania. I don't know if you know this or not but he used to work at the warehouse, so he is fully aware/knows of scientology, but I think that because he doesn't understand fully WHAT scientology IS, and he doesn't have ANY reality on how it could help HIM, he thinks very BAD things about it, says bad things about it, makes false accusations about it...Obviously you must know how this could make me feel. Seeming as though my aunt is a scientologist, and my mother and sister take the courses here...I'm sure you get the point. But I find myself getting angry at him because he doesn't fully understand and he makes false statements and such...

I was wondering if you had any experience handling someone like this? And what can I do or what can you help me with to better explain to HIM what the concept of scientology is about...

Carly Switzer
1-800-628-1804 ext.234
Fax 727-442-5130

Mandatory Employee Scientology Courses

Hey Execs,

We have a situation with course attendance on which your assistance as an exec is needed.

As you know the reason for staff study is to enhance the effectiveness of our employees, and as a result, the viability of our company.
From: "Cindy Wilson" <>
To: "Anthony Heald" <>, "Chris Miller" <>, "Christian Jacobsen" <>, "Erica Switzer" <>, "Geebin Flores" <>, "Jill Carey" <>, "Joe Niewierski" <>, "Joy Millford" <>, "Karla Jo Helms-Eicher" <>, "Lisa - Mailing Services Dept." <>, "Maggie Taylor" <>, "Mike Preusch" <>, "Sarah Payson" <>, "Saskia Murphy" <>, "Shannon Johnson" <>, "Vicki Benjamin" <>, "Will Thorn" <>
Cc: "Irving Paiewonsky" <>, "Jennifer Custer" <>, "Melissa Bradshaw" <>
Subject: Course Room Attendance!!!
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2007 14:30:03 -0400

If a course might take someone 8 hours to do, it could be done in 3-4 weeks or it could be done in a year—all depending on attendance.  When attendance isn’t pushed and encouraged from above, it just takes Way to long.

When your juniors start course you obviously need to coordinate with them on the schedule and hours as it effects the rest of your division.  Then, you really need to make sure they keep their schedule.  We all know a wide variety of things can come up, but if it isn’t something really urgent, we should be getting them to keep the schedule.

One further point is that we are licensed to be able to deliver these courses to staff (in-house), but that license requires that we have a qualified supervisor AND that the courses be delivered standardly.  Part of “standard” is that students come as scheduled, not just whenever.  Two hours a week, until they are through the first two basic courses are what we would like to see as the general rule.  If three can be afforded, great, but barring real emergencies, it should be at least two hours a week. 

 We do need exec help to see that whatever is agreed upon is adhered to.  Please coordinate with them in the beginning as to what schedule of how many hours, and then see that they do it.

Your help on this is appreciated!

Ralph and Cindy

Looks like she still works at Postcardmania, must be on birth control

From: "Vicki Benjamin" <>
To: "'Cindy Wilson'" <>
Cc: "'Melissa Bradshaw'" <>, "'Irving Paiewonsky'" <>
Subject: Lora/Ursula


I really am serious about replacing Lora. She is not here again due to her
period. She may come in today. I am done with this girl. She needs to be
replaced, so we need to hire someone to replace her. She can turn over her
hat. I don't want the PTSness in this area any longer.

Vicki Benjamin
Postcard Mania
Mailing Services Department
2005 Inc 500 Company
800-628-1804 Ext 221
727-442-5130 Fax

Converting a Deaf Employee to Scientology

From: "Cindy Wilson" <>
To: "'Irving Paiewonsky'" <>
Subject: Gregg Pappas
Date: Fri, 5 Oct 2007 17:34:35 -0400


We were talking earlier about how he had some interest when I told him about Dianetics and how that might be something that would help his hearing loss.

He came to me today to tell me that he was indeed interested.  I told him I’d have you get with him on Monday. 

Could you get him some hatting and find someone to give him a session???  Jorge maybe???


ML, Cindy
VP Human Resources

scientology homosexuality reference

From: "Cindy Wilson" <>
To: "'Irving Paiewonsky'" <>
Subject: not a priority
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2007 18:30:39 -0400

I was talking to someone about homosexuality and I was trying to remember where I saw more data from LRH on it.  The common member vpt is well that’s aberrated and 1.1 and Wrong etc.  But I did get some other data, I believe from tapes, in 1 or 2 places, where he was talking about it from a slightly different light.  Like from the situations where occasionally some thetan is, say being a woman and then a woman again and again and she’s really getting into the game of it.  Then she finds she’s picked up a male body and isn’t into switching the game.  That sort of thing.

It’s my own observation that while you get some homosexuals that are extremely promiscuous, deviant, 1.1, immoral etc., you sometimes also get some that find themselves a partner, are monogamous,  not observably 1.1 etc.  

Do you know where there’s a reference?


Cindy Wilson
VP Human Resources

Too Fat & Not Doing Enough Scientology Studying for Postcardmania

From: "Cindy Wilson" <>
To: "'Irving Paiewonsky'" <>
Subject: Christy
Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2007 15:28:33 -0400

Christy was on her way to work this morning when her car broke down in the middle lane of the highway.  Then there was a further problem that the tow truck broke down before getting to her.

This, following her knee accident and surgery would indicate there is something going on that she could use help with.

Secondly, and I’m not saying I think this is or is not related to whatever the above scene is, although it could be, is her general health factor.  She gets just the normal number of colds, flu and obvious health issues, but the extra weight is itself a health issue.  I love her any which way she is, but I’m concerned for her overall well-being.  It’s not just bad for your heart health, it affects a great many areas longer term and it affects longevity itself.  I believe she’d love to have another baby, and the weight may be an issue as to why it hasn’t happened yet.  She’s created a great life and family unit and I’d really like to see her around to enjoy it—alive and feeling great.  To take her grandchildren to the zoo instead of reaching 50 and having trouble just walking across a parking lot, as is the fate of a lot of others with excess weight. 

One other concern I have is that she hasn’t, to my knowledge, done any services, read and books, listened to any tapes, gone to any events, or any such for quite some time. 

Can you plse see what you can do to help her?


ML, Cindy Wilson
VP Human Resources