Thursday, June 2, 2011

Too Fat & Not Doing Enough Scientology Studying for Postcardmania

From: "Cindy Wilson" <>
To: "'Irving Paiewonsky'" <>
Subject: Christy
Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2007 15:28:33 -0400

Christy was on her way to work this morning when her car broke down in the middle lane of the highway.  Then there was a further problem that the tow truck broke down before getting to her.

This, following her knee accident and surgery would indicate there is something going on that she could use help with.

Secondly, and I’m not saying I think this is or is not related to whatever the above scene is, although it could be, is her general health factor.  She gets just the normal number of colds, flu and obvious health issues, but the extra weight is itself a health issue.  I love her any which way she is, but I’m concerned for her overall well-being.  It’s not just bad for your heart health, it affects a great many areas longer term and it affects longevity itself.  I believe she’d love to have another baby, and the weight may be an issue as to why it hasn’t happened yet.  She’s created a great life and family unit and I’d really like to see her around to enjoy it—alive and feeling great.  To take her grandchildren to the zoo instead of reaching 50 and having trouble just walking across a parking lot, as is the fate of a lot of others with excess weight. 

One other concern I have is that she hasn’t, to my knowledge, done any services, read and books, listened to any tapes, gone to any events, or any such for quite some time. 

Can you plse see what you can do to help her?


ML, Cindy Wilson
VP Human Resources

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