Thursday, June 2, 2011

Looks like she still works at Postcardmania, must be on birth control

From: "Vicki Benjamin" <>
To: "'Cindy Wilson'" <>
Cc: "'Melissa Bradshaw'" <>, "'Irving Paiewonsky'" <>
Subject: Lora/Ursula


I really am serious about replacing Lora. She is not here again due to her
period. She may come in today. I am done with this girl. She needs to be
replaced, so we need to hire someone to replace her. She can turn over her
hat. I don't want the PTSness in this area any longer.

Vicki Benjamin
Postcard Mania
Mailing Services Department
2005 Inc 500 Company
800-628-1804 Ext 221
727-442-5130 Fax

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